Phil brings in Franco to face Halsey and Counsell

And I was right.In the 7th, Phil brings in Franco to face Halsey and Counsell, both lefties.OK.But WHY leave him in to face Cintron, a righty? Franco can't get righties out how is it POSSIBLE that Phil has not yet figured this out??!! So of course Cintron replica watch gift singles on the first pitch then Franco walks Gonzales on 4 straight pitches.Sigh.Then Qualls comes in and strands Franco's runners his ERA is 1.50, not because he's good, but because the other relievers have come in and gotten his aS out of trouble.

Lane made 1 excellent catch in right and 4 more decent ones.BGO, who is still ofer Lowry, had an absolutely sparkling glove.He made 2 tough plays and didn't miss any.Adam Everett, who, by the way, was 1 3 with a walk, made an absolutely incredible, unbelieveable stop on Feliz' hard grounder up the middle in the 5th and recovered in replica Corum 02120.102204 watch time to throw him out.Good thing too, beacuse Winn's single later in the inning most definitely would have scored him and tied the game.And there, my friends, not obvious in the BA column, is the value of Adam Everett, even when he's trying to get his head above the Mendoza Line.Mark Loretta did an excellent job at third, too.

Actually, in my opinion, he looks better with the glove at third than he does at second.Too bad he's a singles hitter who seldom walks and who GIDP a little too often.Loretta, Lance, Everett and Ausmus all smacked solid singles off Lowry. replica Corum 02130.102000 watch Hunter Pence, however, must have been seeing the ball great out of Lowry's hand, because he hit 2 FB for singles, hit another slider for a single and smacked a hanging changeup 400 at LEAST over the train tracks he simply Pujoled that baseball.

Honestly.Fact is that the offense's offense was offensive to fans only THREE hits in 12 innings

you can't trust Lidge late in a ball game.What a steaming load.Honestly.Fact is that the offense's offense was offensive to fans only THREE hits in 12 innings.Bad, just BAD.Poor Roy.Got good and Clemensed tonight.Now I can understand not hitting Lincecum, who was simply incredible.But Hennessey? Correia? Blownitez?No excuse.None.6 of 9 batters in the Giants lineup tonight were batting lefty, so I KNEW the right side of the diamond was going to get a serious workout.Lance made 2 absolutely incredible Web replica Corum 02120.012014 watch Gem plays to stop Winn's and Vizquel's bullets down the line and relay them to Sampson, who, himself, made 2 outstanding plays he WAS originally a SS, remember?

Well, the Wand-man had hisself a day.Went 1 fer 2 (to lower his BA to .385) with a sac-fly to drive in his second run, scored 2 runs.Well, that was with the bat.I was getting ready to write about how Wandy pitched a complete game 1-hitter as he was replica Bvlgari EG35C3SLDCH/12 Ladie's watch dominant in the first 5 innings, needing only 67 pitches.He had an unearned run score because of a Keppinger error in the first.I thought well, there goes the ball game.But the Astros tied it up in the third when Wandy, then Bourn singled, Lance took the first of his 4 walks, then Carlos hit the first of THREE Astros sac-flies.

Counsell hit the second pitch for a clean single.So Roger throws to Viz for a pickoff, throw in the dirt and Counsell on third.You need a good target to throw to the glovework of first basemen is disrespected, unfortunately.So there is a RBI GO, a single, a double, another error and the score is Dbax 3 Astros 0 with only 1 out.I had a replica brand watches feeling about this game.In spite of 3 more errors and a home plate ump that didn't want to call any of Roger's pitches strikes, somehow, Roger managed to pitch well enough over 6 innings not to give up any more runs.But I also somehow knew this game was already lost.

I really need to slam Phil for leaving Bidge in for 12 innings when it was MORE

Nope.And I really need to slam Phil for leaving Bidge in for 12 innings when it was MORE than obvious that this was NOT his day he took the Golden Sombrero, going ofer San Francisco.He SHOULD have pulled him and let Loretta, who was at least rested, play a few innings- heck, he should have pinch hit for Biggio at some point, too.Anyway, the reason I brought this up is that Biggio didn't get over to field Feliz's single to right in the 12th.And Feliz eventually scored because Lidge had bad luck when what should replica Corum 10140.406010 watch have been the 3rd out wasn't Winn hit an easy GB to first, but unfortunately, the ball hit the bag and took a funny hop Biggio didn't field the ball cleanly and get a good throw to Lidge, who was covering first, and there went the ball game.And fans ALL over were saying see,

Had a LOT of ND the next year, went 5 3 in 19 GS with a 4.30 ERA and got hisself traded to the Mets for Izzy and Terrence Long remember, that was back when Billy Beane was still a Genius… Anyway, finished up the year OK, going 5 1 in 12 GS (remember, that was the Septmeber that Chipper Jones won hisself an MVP killing Mets) replica Rado R13332212 watch and after the season, he re-signed with the Rangers as a FA.Guess he was glad to Be Back Home Again he missed 14 games on the DL in 01, but went 31 28 for pretty lousy teams with a 4.31 ERA.

I was gonna call this “a comedy of errors” cuz our team had 5 of them yesterday, mostly involving plays at first, but it wasn't the least bit funny, and a “tragedy of errors” is kinda a little excess, so I decided to say it like this -PHIL, swiss replica watches!What is it gonna take for you to stop putting Viz at first? You got ANY evidence that Todd Self can't hit lefties? Cuz we got PLENTY of evidence that Viz does NOT belong at first.Never mind the interleague hype the REAL Texas showdown happened last night.Brad Halsey, Native Texan (and Houstonian) and his catcher Chris Snyder, Native Texan and Houstonian, who by the way, catches Roger in the offseason) vs Roger Clemens, (well, not Native Texas, but close enough and Houstonian.)Roger started off the first inning not sharp.

I guess there's more of a feud than our bitter enemies the Mariners or the Royals

This is the baseball contribution to the Houston Dallas “feud.” Well, I guess there's more of a feud than our bitter enemies the Mariners or the Royals… or those Hated Avians, the Orioles or the Blue Jays…..I HATE interleague ball.(As if I needed one more reason to think that Buddy Boy should be bawwwldd in awwwwllll, as we say here…)I replica Rado Sintra Superjubile Mini Ladie's watch HATE the DH.(and YES, I know that Mike Lamb is a born DH…)I HATE football score in baseball games, even if we win.I think 8-6 score by the 4th inning is as boring as watching old folks in wheelchairs play t-ball.

Fred Lewis then hit into a tailor made double play, rolling a grounder RIGHT at Lamb, who picked it up and threw it into deep right center (instead of Biggio) where Like Scott picked it up, fired it back to Lamb at third, who couldn't manage to get a replica Corum 02120.102210 watch glove on it, so poor Luke was tagged with the throwing error that wasn't actually an error.And because Trever Miller wasn't backing up third, Winn scored easily when the ball went to the wall.So me, I count 2 real errors on Lamb on the same play.

(and so did Phil, by the way) When I said his glove is a liability, I wasn't kidding, and THIS is one of the reasons the Astros are so reluctant to get rid of Mo Ensberg, no matter how much the fans despise him.We really only had one chance to break the game open and that was in the 9th Lance and Lee were on first and second and with the pitcher's replica Corum Heart 80040.521410 watch spot coming up, who gets the call? Palmeiro, hitting .157, of course, not Loretta, hitting 300 something and I am telling you it is not just because Phil is crazy in LUV with the lefty righty thingy, but because the Organization and the media really really believe Palmeiro is just the best pinch hitter.


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